Safe and effective weight loss is achieved faster than you would expect by implementing The Sadkin Method acupressure points for weight loss. At your visit, the practitioner will apply two acupressure spheres, one behind each ear. Each cycle works to strengthen and optimize two organs. This way, once the client has achieved his or her goal, he/she will continue to lose weight and have better digestion for life.

During the first ten days, clients can expect to lose 5-10% of total weight (See chart). During the second cycle, clients will lose lots of inches, up to two clothing sizes! By the third cycle, percentages are 4-7% of clients' weight at that time. This way the average client loses 20-30 pounds in the first month. Unlike every single diet or program out there, these numbers ARE TYPICAL AND GUARANTEED.

Clients can expect to have more overall energy, sleep better and see an overall improvement in their health.