• Toby Lebovits

Weight Loss in Quarantine-How is it Possible?

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

Hello and welcome to my first blog post ever!! I’m Toby and before anything I’m a mom. I value this title more than any and

all of my accomplishments. While I didn't graduate or need to take a course to be initiated into the world of motherhood, it has taught me more than anything else. Over here I’ll be sharing what I know best, which is natural healing, and weight loss, with a heavy dose of my personal experience as a mom, sprinkled with some travel tales (who remembers those times?) and just bits and pieces that I recall from my years on this planet. Ready? Let's dive in and address the wooly mammoth in the house. How, oh how, can we stick to our weight loss goals during these tumultuous times? Now as cool calm and cucumberly collected as I may appear on the neat little squares you likely know me from, my life is often hectic, messy, wild, loud and always one load of laundry ahead of me. Seriously. Now with Corona (how I wish it was just a beer) I’m also home-schooling all my kids and feeding all the people what seems like all the time. So back to the question, with all this around us, is it even possible to attempt to stay true to your weight loss goals? Short answer is yes. Longer answer holds my secret to making it work. And here is where real science comes in. Consider what we call clean eating for two purposes, one of them is for weight-related reasons. The other and more profound purpose is for your HEALTH!! You see, when you snack on vegetables instead of fries, you’re not just being vain, but you’re boosting your immune system with each bite. When you cut out soda, you don't just cut calories, but you cut out the sugar and chemicals which stunt your immune response. So while I don’t think anyone should kill birds with stones, here you are killing two big birds, with one tasteful meal.  Let's look at a few more examples, shall we? Easy junky salad dressing like ketchup and mayo, may be convenient, but adds little in terms of weight loss or immune boosting value. Should you whip out the blender and create some healthy salad dressings from scratch, you’ll likely be using super germ busting ingredients like garlic, parsely, lemon juice and mineral salt. What do you think they use in ready made dressings of convenience? When the bottom line is the motivating factor, companies will use the cheapest oil, the cheapest salt, and the cheapest sweetener, usually high fructose corn syrup. Turns out our intestines and fat cells are selective and can smell the junk from far away. Feed them bottom barrel food and most people will retain that as fat. Feed them clean pure ingredients and most bodies will thrive and heal.  Cookies can be another great example. Store bought cookies usually have a paragraph of ingredients. Homemade cookies can be made with just a handful. Another difference, for the cookies to have a long shelf life in the store, they will use hydrogenated oils (not a friend of the body) but if you make some yourself, then you choose your oil. Because you also have the option of storing the extra in the freezer to be enjoyed at a later date. If you're home and have more time to try, this may be a great opportunity to bake some healthier cookies.  Let's look at soups. Store bought soups almost ALWAYS contain MSG. Now before you tell me that it says ‘no MSG’ on the label, I urge you to rotate the container in your hand and take a read. While it may not technically contain Monosodium Glutamate, it's still sodium and glutamate (disodium glutamate, disodium inosinate, and the list goes on), but in a different form. So by some technical loophole they can legally market it as ‘no msg’. The contrast between chemicals that taste like soup and homemade soup is massive. Because regardless which kind of soup you’d be cooking up at home, my guess is that it starts with some fresh vegetables. To summarize: Life is stressful right now. Try to feed yourself wholesome healthy food. Replace soda with tea, water or seltzer. Make your own salad dressings. Try to bake healthier cookies. Make a pot of homemade soup. Are there any specific recipes you’d like to see on my blog? Any topics you’d want me to address?  Please comment below, I’d be so excited to hear from you! Stay safe and healthy

-Toby #firstblogpost