What our clients say:

"I've done the gastric band, the gastric sleeve and had my gallbladder removed. The fact that I was still overweight hardly bothered me. I was constantly living in pain. My stomach hurt so much, I could barely leave the house. After one week in Toby’s program, I was a different person. My body started to heal, and I was able to relax and live a little."

N.D., Scarsdale, NY

"I’m 54 and couldn’t drop 25 pounds. I’ve been thin most of my life but have recently been diagnosed with Hashimotos and given up on losing the weight. 6 weeks after starting her program and I’m fitting into the jeans I wore decades ago. She’s really the best!"

E.S., Danbury, CT

"I’ve had diabetes for so long, that after I lost 25 pounds with Toby’s program, my doctor called me up and called it a miracle that my A1c is “normal”! I also feel much better, less overall pain I’m not always hungry anymore. "

R.B., Mt. Kisco, NY

"Toby is a wealth of information. Meeting with her is so much more than just weight loss! I was skeptic at first, but I lost the weight, the inches and can achieve so much more in the gym now. I highly recommend her!!"

E.K., Tarrytown, NY

"I drove from south Jersey to meet with Toby. She listened to my health journey and wrote up a food plan for me. I fought hard to defend my old habits which got me to 225 pounds (I’m 5’1”) but she patiently and gently explained why I should try the new plan. I’m surprised to say I’m happy and satisfied eating like this. I’m not hungry and clearly eating much healthier for my body."

S.O., Tinton Falls, NJ

I knew for years that I must do something about my weight. But I was tired of being told that I MUST eat breakfast, or give up

Coffee or my steak nights with the guys. My dragged me to Toby, likely thinking she’d forced me to do the above. Needless to say, I was shocked when she said I didn’t have to have breakfast, give up my coffee or my steak nights with the guys!! And yes, I lost ten (TEN) pounds the first week and I continue to lose weight and inches while having my steak dinners... you CAN have your steak and eat it too!

S.S., Pearl River, NY

My doctor told me I MUST lose weight. I’m 5’0” and I weighed 199 pounds. I lost 10 pounds in my first ten days with Toby. I don’t feel hungry, I’m sleeping better and my skin has cleared up. This program really works!!


A.G., Pleasant Valley, NY

At 260 pounds I knew I weighed double what I was supposed to. My doctor had me on all sorts of meds. I lost 60 pounds in the first three months with Toby. Each month, I was able to get off one of my prescription medications. I have a figure for the first time in decades and now I can wear clothes from a regular store! I cannot praise her highly enough. 

S.J., Hartsdale, NY

As a professional wrestler I needed to drop 20 pounds quickly to compete. I was already eating really clean and working out for two hours every day. Toby tweaked my diet and did her magic. I lost the weight quickly and I’m maintaining it. (My coach couldn’t believe it, but sure is glad) 

T.G., Armonk, NY

At 350 pounds, I thought my only option was surgery. Then I thought why don’t I try this? I’m so glad I did. In one year, I dropped 120 pounds, WITHOUT going under the knife. Most people see me and assume I did the surgery. 

M.F., Hartford, CT

I’ve been though some difficult pregnancies and couldn’t seem to get back to pre-pregnancy numbers. Within one month of following Toby’s recommendations I was down 20 pounds. My old clothes are fitting again, and I feel like my old self. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

B.B., Tenafly, NJ 

My weight didn’t bother me, but my IBD left me in pain no matter what I ate. Toby listener carefully and asked if I wanted to maintain or lose a few pounds. I said I was okay losing 10-15 pounds, but that was not my goal. She created a custom meal plan for me. Within a few days my abdominal pain began to fade and I was able to eat for my body type. Oh, and I lost those 15 pounds!! I’m a happy girl now. 

L.S., Williamsburg, NY